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I'm looking for more information on Mathilda Eldridge Davies, born anywhere before 1850 and her three children.

She was married to my relative Jeremias Gude, a sailor from Amsterdam who, according to the police files, deserted his ship in Swansea in 1857, probably to be with his girl Mathilda...

They had three children:

William Joseph Gude, born March 10, 1865 in Glangedevine - but this is probably misspelled because I can't find a place with that name.

Alfred Arthur Gude, born Dec. 12, 1866 in Swansea,

Mathilda Eldrich Gude, born May 23, 1868 in Swansea.

My great-aunt has a photograph of Jeremias and Mathilda (see below), probably taken before they had kids (as they are not on the photo). Photo probably taken in Swansea and sent to his mother in Amsterdam. That's why it is in our branch of the family and not in his.

Jeremias is proudly wearing some medal of honour, maybe that is a clue to find out anything about him.

The family moved back to Holland (or in Mathilda's case, emigrated) don't know exactly when yet but before 1893.

Hope anybody can help me finding more information about these people, the place I mentioned, history of early photography in Wales, any clue about the medal he is wearing, or...

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The ribbon of that medal is not one I recognise, but that is because it's pre first world war according to the dates you supplied. It's also worth mentioning that the surname may be spelled differently when looking in census such as Good, Goode



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