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Hi and welcome to all members wherever you are from. I live in North Wales and am a Professional gardener.  I'm a Hughes by birth and my wife was a Jones so so you don't get much more Welsh than that.

My other interests are Postcard Collecting, Photography, Web Design and most sorts of music, but especially Blues both modern and pre-war.

Mine and my wife's ancestors are from Anglesey, Gwynedd, West Midlands, Bedfordshire and probably many other places I haven't come across yet.

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I am a nurse & live in Shrewsbury; I am also a Hughes by birth & I have traced my fathers family back to Anglesey, a place called Llechylched. I am keen to find out more & have visited the Anglesey records office in the hunt for my ancesters. Searching for Hughes' is difficult but I am grateful it is not Jones!

I have Cornish ancesters on my mothers side & have found that side easier to research.  

I am hoping this site will give me some new leads & tips on where to look next.

Regards Sheila. :)

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hiya my name is Jillian I am new here but not really new to genealogy. I live in Philadelphia Pa. in the United States. I have just started researching my grandfathers side of the family. Which is going to be very interesting. I have researched my grandmothers side which I have traced all the way back to the middle ages :) they come from Norway. It is an interesting line that side and i am still researching it and am having alot of fun but my grandfathers  side come from Angelesy and England. I am hoping this site will be alot of help to me in my coming research,

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Hi All

          My names sue i was born in Leeds in Yorkshire but im tracing my welsh roots both my parents were welsh and there fore looking for help with my family  Im interested in the Owens side of my family from breconshire  Particularly a Rees owens Who was born in 1826 imlooking for a marriage for him to a Keziah Price in or around 1840.

                                                      Regards Sue

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Hiyah Sue, hadn't noticed you had joined as I''ve been a bit busy just lately. If you start a new thread in the look-ups section I'll see if I can help you out.

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I've pushed this thread to the top as a reminder for members to add a little about your research interests either here or on your profile. This is because you may find other members that are researching in the same area or even the same ancestors and you may be able to help each other.

Please just post profiles on this thread and ask questions on the "look-up" thread

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