Welsh Genealogy

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Glanadda Cemetary H to Z transcribed from available headstones

>In loving memory of Sarah Harriss, wife of S. T. Harriss, 1 Gambier Terrace, Bangor, who passed away August 27th, 1928, aged 78 years. Also Gilbert Bennett Harriss, their only son Corpl Cheshire Regiment, who fell on the Somme Sept. 15thy, 1916, aged 27 years. Also Samuel Thomas Harriss, ex Deputy Chief Constable Caernarvonshire, who passed away Dec. 15th, 1936, aged 81 years old. Also their beloved daughter Olive Catherine Harris, died June 7th, 1959, aged 61 years old

>In loving memory of Ellis Hughes, the beloved husband of Jane Hughes, 9 Mount Street, Bangor, who departed this life March 10th, 1882, aged 58 years. Also of Ellis William Thomas, son of William and Jane Thomas, Boot Warehouse, neice of the above who died December 20th, 1812, aged 91 years

>Er cof am Elsie May Hughes, a hunodd Medi 24, 1924, yn 14 ml. oed. A'i nhannwyl rhieni Hentu Hughes, fu farw Mai 27, 1932, yn 55 ml oed. Jennie Hughes, fu farw Chwefror 26, 1971, yn 85 ml oed. A'i mab Richard Henry Hughes, fu farw Ionawr 21, 1973, yn 47 ml oed

>In loving memory of our dear father Hugh Hughes, late of 9 Albert Street, Upper Bangor, who passed away July 26th, 1937, aged 63 years. Also our dear mother Margaret Hughes, who passed away February 22nd, 1940, aged 73 years

>Er serchog gof Hugh Hughes, Ffriddoedd Gardens, a hunodd Rhagfyr 3ydd, 1935, yn 56 mlwydd oed. Hefyd Margaret Roberts, a hunodd Medi 28, 1966, yn 74 ml oed

>Also of Jane beloved wife of Robert Hughes Deanfield (late Islwyn) Bangor died Nov 5th, 1939. Hefyd ei phriod Robert Hughes, fu farw Ion. 12, 1945, yn 71 mlwydd oed

>The Rev John Hughes 1876-1955 / Enid Hughes 1885-1986

>Here lie the mortal remains of Josiah Hughes (Ironmonger of this City) the Immortal spririt having passed from earth June 26th, 1893, after a pilgrimage of 64 years. Also of Lilias Stevenson, wife of the above who died at Dumfries, Scotland, September 1st, 1900, aged 74 years. And also John Stevenson, son of the above who died March 7th, 1902 and is buried at Cobar, Australia, aged 47 years

>Er cof am Margaret Hughes, annwyl briod Owen Hughes, 7 Mount Street, Bangor, a fu farw Mai 21ain, 1934, yn 75 mlwydd oed. Hefyd yr uchod Owen Hughes,a fu farw Ionawr 1af, 1950, yn 93 ml oed

>Er coffawdwriaeth am Ann priod Owen Jones, builder, 12 Menai View Terrace, Upper Bangor, a merch diweddaf Edward ac Elizabeth Parry, Fferam, Llantrisant, Sir Fon, yr hon a fu farw yr 8fed, Dydd Ionawr, 1885, yn 73 mlwydd oed. Hefyd y diwededig Owen Jones, yr hwn a fu farw Rhagfyr 2fed, 1892, yn 85 mlwydd oed

>In memory of Charlotte Jones, daughter of William Jones, Record House, Ruthin, died Nov. 5th, 1929, aged 84

>Er serchog gof am Ellen Jones, 28 Fair View, Bangor, 1862-1928. Hefyd ei phriod John Meurig Jones 1857-1931. Hefyd Llew Williams, 90 Orme Road, hunodd Mawrth 5th, 1958, yn 64 ml oed. Annie Williams fu farw Mawrth 25, 1978 yn 83 ml oed

>In loving memory of John Jones, 9 St. Pauls Terrace, at........, aged 71 years. Also Ann Ellen Jones, daughter of the above died Jan. 31, 1913, aged 50 years

In loving memory of Mary the beloved wife of Hugh Jones builder of this City who died March 25th, 1881aged 62 years. Also Hugh Jones who died March 14th  1867 aged 85 years. Also Christina E. Jones elder daughter of the above died 22nd August, 1933 aged 80 years. Also their younger daughter Lucy Hannah died Jan. 7th, 1960 aged 88 years

>In loving memory of the Rev. T. Lewis Jones, M.A., Cantab, first vicar of St. Davids Church, Bangor, 1882-1928, who dies January 29th, 1928, aged 82 years. Also Letitia Gaenor, his wife, who died May 1, 1923, ahed 75 years. Also Mary Gwendoline, their infant daughter who died January 28, 1884. At Rest

>Er serchog am William Jones, bu farw Hyd. 12, 1804, yn 66 ml oed. Catherine Jane Jones, bu farw Medi 23, 1914, yn 60 ml oed. A'u plant Cadwal Adr Huws, bu farw Mawrth 9, 1892, yn 6 ml oed, Huw Emrys, bu farw Medi 21, 1946, yn 60 ml oed

>Er serchog gof am William Jones, St. Pauls Terrace, Bangor, bu farw Gorffenaf 8, 1928, yn 68 oed. Hefyd ei annwyl briod Jane Jones, bu farw Chwefror 27, 1931, yn 72 oed. Hefyd eu mab Hugh Jones, a gollwyd yn Ffrainc, Mawrth 14, 1917, yn 19 oed

>In loving memory of William Jones, the beloved husband of Dora M. Jones, of 3 Gambier Terrace, Garth, who died March 5th, 1921, aged 55 years

>Er cof annwyl William Glanfab Jones, Maes Lodwig, canwyd Mawrth 20, 1889. Aeth i lawenydd ei Arglwydd Hyd. 17, 1942. Hefyd Mary Catherine, fu farw Mawrth 11, 1960, yn 82 mlwydd oed

>Er cof am Ellen Lewis, 47 Fountain Street, Hirael, Bangor, annwyl briod a fu farw Ion, 20, 1888, yn 58 mlwydd oed. Hefyd y dywededig Maldwyn Lewis, a fu farw M?? 21, 1891, yn 79 mlwydd oed

>In loving memory of Muriel Louise the beloved child of Charles and Matie Lewis, Caederwen, Bangor, 18?5, died Christmas Day 1880. Also of their son Charles Vernon Lewis, Lieut.22th Batt. South Wales Borderers, the beloved husband of Edith I. G. Lewis nee Alexander who died at Weymouth on August 18th, 1915 aged 32 years. Also of their son-in-law Edward Lloyd Robert (can't read rge rest)

>Er cof am Margaret annwyl briod Hugh Owen, 60 Ambrose Street, yr hon a fu farw Hydref 28, 1894, yn 73 mlwydd oed. Hefyd y dywededig Hugh Owen a fu farw Medi 21, 1895, yn 72 mlwydd oed


>Er cof am Martha annwyl briod Richard Owen gynt o Beaumaris, bu farw Ionawr 12fed, 1887, yn 66 oed. Hefyd y dywededig Richard Owen, yr hwn a fu farw Mai 14eg, 1891, yn 70 oed

>Er serchog gof am William Owen, annwyl briod Ann Owen, 14 Lower Street, Caellepa, Bangor, bu farw Mehefin 17eg, 1930, yn 69 mlwydd oed. Hefyd Ann Owen, bu farw Chwefror 23ain, 1959, yn 94 mlwydd oed

>Er cof am Ellen Ann (Nellie) priod Hugh Parry, Cyfrifydd y fwrdeisdref, Conwy. Ganwyd Mawrth 10, 1874. Bu farw Mawrth 17th, 1903

>Er cof am Capt. Hugh Parry, 41 Holyhead Road, Upper Bangor, ye hun a hunodd yn yr Iesu Chwefror 15, 1910, yn 66 mlwydd oed. Hefyd Ellen gweddw yr uchod , yr hon a fu farw Hydref 6fed, 1920, yn 73 mlwydd oed

>In loving memory of Emyr Owen Price, MD, born 19th July, 1857, died 9th February, 1919

>John Price, Principal of the Bangor Normal College, March 9, 1830 - Nov. 6, 1901 Erected to commemorate the great services rendered by him to the cause of education in Wales

 >In loving memory of Robert Vallance, who died October 1st, 1997, aged 85 years. Also Elizabeth Campbell Vallance, who died June 30th 18??, aged 11 months. Zilpher Crowther Vallance, died November 13, 1942, aged 85 years. In loving memory of Campbell Crowther Vallance who died on Audust 28th, 1877, aged 83 years. Muriel Vallance, who died on May 29th, 1987, aged 87 years


>In loving memory of A. Gwladys Williams beloved wife of Alderman John Williams, Bryn Hydd, Bangor, born 25th June, 1878, died 3rd May, 1944, Also of the said Alderman John Jones, born 15th June, 1874, died 8th January, 1954

> Sacred to the memory of Margaret Elizabeth only surviving child of the Rev. Owen Williams Wesleyan Minister by Elizabeth his wife born at Mold March, 7th, 1866 and died at this city July 2nd, 1880

>Er annwylaf cof am Robert Williams, Elm Bank, Upper Bangor, yr hwn a hunodd yn yr Iesu Ebrill 18fed, 1909, yn 69 mlwydd oed. Hefyd am Ellen annwyl briod yr uchaf, yr hon a hunodd yn yr Iesu Medi 2, 1920, yn 77 ml. oed